Who Qualifies. The VA qualifications page


Main Qualifications

  • Served in: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard Marines, Navy, National Guard
  • Actively Served 90 Days Minimum
  • Honorable Discharge
  • General Discharge (under honorable conditions)
  • Served after September 16, 1940
  • Plan to use home for your Primary Residence 

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Are You any of the Below?

Active Military and PCS’ing to Florida **

Active Military and already living in Florida **

My Home was Florida when I entered Military *

My Home was Florida when I exited Military *

My Home has been Florida for at least one day*

**Active Military may use form DD2058 to change home of residence on LES to read "FL" 

 * Home is defined by Legal Home of Residence 

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Important Documents to Start Gathering

  •  You Will Need Your DD214 Form (if retired)
  • Statement of Service (if active)
    Copy of your Orders to a Florida Base (if active)
  • Copy of your LES (if active)
    Proof of VA Rated Disability (if existing)
  • Need you to fill out Florida Vet Forms on this site
  • Sales Price of Prospective Home
    Contract to Purchase (if you have)

We will set up telephone call to gather information from you 

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