your florida va approved lender

As a VA approved lender for financing VA loans, let me say , "Thank You" to all the brave men and women that serve our country.  My name is Aristides Priakos, or Ari as my friends call me, and it is a pleasure and an honor to be of service to you, our service members. It doesn't matter if you are PCS'ing to Florida, have recently separated or retired, you have 100% financing available for Florida mortgages as the new loan limit is 100% financing...even if it is a property purchase price of $1 million.  As long as you qualify and have full entitlement you may purchase that price home.  You can also use your VA home loan benefits multiple times and even have two VA home mortgages at the same time, based on entitlement. 

You have a choice of VA lenders in Florida so why not talk to one of the best VA loan lenders in the state?  We proudly serve our military and all VA loans in Florida.  I developed this site to help answer all your questions and to dispel the myths about VA Home Mortgages.  I'll point you in the right direction and can even get you started right now.  If need be, I can also refer you to my top realtors to help you find your dream home.  Go ahead and navigate on this very user friendly site or you can also pick up the phone and call me directly at: 727-252-3222.  It doesn't cost a penny to talk to me! Remember us...We're the place for VA loans for Florida mortgages by the best mortgage company in the state...Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc (PRMI)